United by a common vision, Ripple Creative Group and MABA Media have combined resources and expertise to offer high quality 3D visualization and animation services, while expanding on core competencies such as branding, marketing, web development and a host of other services. By combining services, Ripple CG and MaBa Media hope to better service customer satisfaction by bringing new and better technologies to the market. These services will include easy-to-use, high quality, cost-effective visualization and animation techniques targeted to a wider range of individuals and industries.

“The integration of technology and multimedia are changing the way we do business, and now we are bringing more than just architectural animation services to our clients, “said Joe King, Operations Director at Ripple CG.

As a fast-paced, visual society driven by rapid communication, Ripple CG has created a unique media studio, emphasizing business efficiency with visual communications for the residential, commercial, forensic animation and litigation market. The combined services include easy-to-use, high quality, cost-effective multimedia and 3D animation deliverables targeted to a wider range of individuals and industries, and provide options for a more dynamic, and combined package of products.

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