It’s Easier and Cost Less Than You Think:

VR technology is gaining momentum and is quickly becoming the preferred delivery method for presenting 3D visual media. With the latest smartphones, accessibility to Apps, and availability of VR headsets, just about anyone can take advantage of this new media platform. 10 years ago, similar VR technology cost in excess of $50,000.00, it was awkward to use, took up a large footprint, , and certainly not portable. Today, we can be working from an office anywhere, upload a file to the cloud, and within minutes, have someone presenting a fully immersive VR experience at a lunch meeting or on a boat halfway across the globe. All for under $30.00.

People have been flooding our emails asking us what they need and how to get set up. We have responded by looking at everything from the cost of VR headsets and Apps, to the quality, portability, and compatibility of each solution. You will need a smartphone, an app to run the VR, a headset, and content to load into the app.  Please see our hardware and software recommendations below and feel free to drop us an email or call if you have questions.

Ripple CG’s Recommendations:


  • [cost = $30.00] – “VR Box” is a well-built portable headset, compatible with most of the latest brands of IOS and Android smart phones.
  • [cost = $100.00] – “Gear VR” If you have one of the latest Samsung Galaxy phones, look at this headset for a superior experience.
  • [cost = $600.00 +] – “Oculus Rift” For a “top of the line” experience, however it needs to be tied to a powerful computer to run and does not require a phone.


  • [cost = free] – Download from your APP store the “IrisVR” app.  Compatible with the latest IOS and Android smart phones.
  • [cost = $7.56]  – Download from your APP store the “Holodeck 360 VR Panoramas PRO“. Compatible with the latest IOS and Android smart phones.


  • [cost = varies] – We recommend the latest IOS and Android smart phones. For best results, the phones should not be more than 3 years old and have hi-resolution displays.


  • [cost = varies] – Custom VR experience: Call Ripple CG for a quick quote.
  • [cost = Free] – Examples: Check out these realistic environments from Ripple CG.


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