Interactive Virtual Tours

Since Ripple works largely in the architectural field, we offer interactive virtual tours which will allow for easy navigation of model homes in the conceptual phase of a project. The goal of our interactive virtual tour is to reduce uncertainty and enhance communication of a model home before it has hit the market.

  • Reduce uncertainty with clients in the conceptual phase of the project
  • Uses various viewpoints to get a good representation of the project


Ripple’s marketing websites are one of the most popular marketing services that Ripple offers at the moment. Ripple can offer a full service package which will allow us to host and design your website using WordPress. In addition, our websites are responsive and easy-to-use with a simple back-end administration pannel.

  • Responsive website using WordPress and easy-to-use administration pannel.
  • We create sophisticated designs which enhance online brand identity.

Architectural Navigation

We provide high level, sophisticated navigation systems and presentations for the architectural industry. Our architectural navigation systems enhance communication by demonstrating the different phases of implementation before a project has started. Therefore these architectural navigation systems will facilitate the approval process through enhanced visual communication mediums.

  • Easy-to-understand presentations
  • Enhances communication for approval
  • Floor-plans and renderings of finished project
  • High quality details and strong visual impact


Ripple CG creates as-built projects for the architectural markets so to get a good representation of a project before and after demolition. To begin, Ripple will start out by taking photographs of walls, electrical, plumbing and more to record and categorize the information about the building. Once the building has been redeveloped, Ripple will create an as-built presentation including the before and after conditions.

  • Take photographs of wall, electrical and plumbing before demolition
  • Record changes and create a easy to understand presentation

Custom Powerpoints

At Ripple CG, we believe all visual mediums are very important in marketing and sales. We therefore also provide custom powerpoint presentations which include high quality designs and tools that will maximize sales or approvals. So far, our powerpoint presentations have been used in tangeant with our 3D simulations or animations to instill consistency and professionalism in the approval process of a project.

  • Presentation can include architectural animations and simulations
  • Our goal is to enhance sales and facilitates communication


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