Ripple CG depends on high quality technologies to create groundbreaking graphics, videos, 3D content, animations and interactive presentations.  With a goal to provide high-quality efficient visualization assets, Ripple CG turned to PNY for pre- and post-sales technical expertise to select and support the right graphics for its 3D virtual tours. With the help of NVIDIA’s Quadro K400, Ripple CG has gained increased popularity for its 3D virtual tours within the architectural multimedia industry.

While working on the ABC Green Home 1.0 project, Ripple CG was commissioned to create a fully realized interactive virtual tour which required the manipulation of massive 3D files. Moving and editing the massive files required technological expertise aligned with NVIDIA’s Quadro K4000 GPUs. This impressive technology enabled Ripple CG to create an efficient 3D interactive virtual tour for the affordable, buildable, ‘green’-certifiable, net-zero home.

Ripple CG was proud to partner with NVIDIA who contributed to the virtual success of the ABC Green Home 1.0 project. Working with NVIDIA increased project efficiency by allowing all aspects of the interactive virtual tour to be found within the same 400MB file. In addition, Ripple CG was able to create, navigate, edit and handle the entire virtual tour using a single, polygon-intensive panoramic file stored on a 24 TB file server.

Due to Quadro GPU’s large-file management capabilities, Ripple CG has changed its pipeline for all subsequent clients to make it more efficient and cost effective. The ABC Green Home 1.0 interactive virtual tour presentation was a big success and enabled many designers and architects to gain an accurate representation of the final project outcome before the physical building was built.


For more information about the technology behind the ABC Green Home 1.0, view NVIDIA’s article, the PNY- Ripple Case Study. For a better understanding of Ripple’s collaboration efforts with NVIDIA, watch the ABC Green Home 1.0 3D interactive virtual tour.


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