Learn How to View Virtual Reality in Stereo 3D

It's Easier and Cost Less Than You Think: VR technology is gaining momentum and is quickly becoming the preferred delivery method for presenting 3D visual media. With the latest smartphones, accessibility to Apps, and availability of

The Origins of My Creative Passions

"Some Passions Never Die" People have always asked me how I got into 3D architectural design communication.  I think the origins of my creative passions harken back to my curiosity about how things are made

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Wide Angle 3D Simulations – Retail Center

A retail center owner is looking to attract a certain type of tenant and has proposed a location within the center. This location is perfect but the architecture is old and outdated. In order to commission

3D Visualization Assets: In-house vs. Outsourcing

A project is due tomorrow. Computers are down and time is running out. People are called in last minute to fix the system but nothing seems to work. Employees scramble about the office to scrape together

3D Rendering and Modeling: Reducing Uncertainty

With the rise of technological advancements, the architectural industry is given the opportunity to enhance visualization assets and increase communication efforts through the use of 3D Rendering and Modeling techniques. These techniques can enhance overall results from

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ABC Green Home Projects

Ripple CG worked alongside Peninsula Publishing and California Edison to create stunning visual assets including virtual tours, renderings and animations for the ABC Green Home 1.0 and the ABC Green Home 2.0 project. The goal of these projects was to create an Affordable,

3D Rendering – Carmel Valley Village Project

Ripple CG worked alongside Coast Income Properties and SPGA Architects to deliver a high quality 3D rendering that would help visualize the final outcome of the project while it was still in the design development phase.

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