“Some Passions Never Die”

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People have always asked me how I got into 3D architectural design communication.  I think the origins of my creative passions harken back to my curiosity about how things are made and what makes them tick. In my college years, at the University of Arizona’s school of Architecture, my main focus turned from the “philosophy of design” to the process of developing and presenting design ideas. At the time, the standard methods for presenting design included pen on paper and scaled foam-core models.

It was the early 1990’s (my freshman year) and computers had just come to market. New delivery methods for presenting design ideas were right around the corner. Some called this “digital multimedia”.  Keep in mind, this was the era where the internet was on dial-up. Operating systems were in DOS and files were saved on 1.44 MB floppy drives. Fast forward to my junior year. The university invested into a multi-million dollar digital media studio and opened it up to a select group of Media Arts and Architecture students. Consequently, the technology was so new, nobody knew how to teach it.  I was one of a handful of students the University let loose to learn and pioneer new methods of producing digital media.

In the studio, my architectural design presentations were often experiments in digital storytelling.  It was here I discovered the impacts of using digital video, 3D animation, music, narration, Interactivity, and illustrations as alternate delivery methods to traditional design communication techniques.  I am proud to say that a great deal of what we pioneered back then is still in practice today. Only now, the technology is faster and a lot more advanced than ever before. These advancements have led to better quality work, getting produced faster and for far less money. As I reflect on the past, I feel like the interests, philosophies, and passions that influenced me in college, are still present today.  This thirst for creative knowledge drives me to stay engaged in an ever-changing digital landscape. Staying on top of new trends and future technologies isn’t easy but I guess some passions never die.

-Joe King
President Ripple CG

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