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Forensic Animation – Steering You in the Right Direction

It’s one month until trial and you need to convince the jury of your case. You decide to develop visuals for your presentation but it’s difficult to communicate the impact of the accident or show it

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Visual Story Telling

Today, in the age of information and technology, anyone would be hard pressed to find an accident litigation case that hasn’t commissioned a 3D forensic animation especially when going to trial.  After all, the goal in

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Ripple CG Accepts “2014 Best of Aliso Viejo” Award

The Aliso Viejo Award Program honored Ripple CG with the annual award for best video production service business in Aliso Viejo.  Companies that have demonstrated a superior ability utilizing various marketing methods to grow their business

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Ripple CG is Nationally Recognized for Achievements

Every Year both “Builder and Developer” and “GreenHomeBuilder” magazines recognize the industry’s most prominent professionals making a difference in the home building industry. Ripple Creative Group is proud to have been recognized in the yearly publications

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3D Visualization Assets: In-house vs. Outsourcing

A project is due tomorrow. Computers are down and time is running out. People are called in last minute to fix the system but nothing seems to work. Employees scramble about the office to scrape together

3D Rendering and Modeling: Reducing Uncertainty

With the rise of technological advancements, the architectural industry is given the opportunity to enhance visualization assets and increase communication efforts through the use of 3D Rendering and Modeling techniques. These techniques can enhance overall results from

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Winning the Golden Nugget Award for the ABC Green Home 1.0

Presented by the Pacific Coast Builders Conference, the Golden Nugget Award recognizes all those who improve the community through exceptional concepts in design, planning and development. The Gold Nugget winners share one common denominator: excellence and

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Streamline Management with NVIDIA Quadro and PNY

Ripple CG depends on high quality technologies to create groundbreaking graphics, videos, 3D content, animations and interactive presentations.  With a goal to provide high-quality efficient visualization assets, Ripple CG turned to PNY for pre- and post-sales technical expertise to select and support the right graphics for its 3D virtual tours.

Virtual Tours: Transforming the Real Estate Industry

A technology movement is happening in the real estate marketplace which promises to bring positive and permanent changes to how model homes are promoted, leased and sold. This movement is revolutionizing the way we communicate and

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ABC Green Home Projects

Ripple CG worked alongside Peninsula Publishing and California Edison to create stunning visual assets including virtual tours, renderings and animations for the ABC Green Home 1.0 and the ABC Green Home 2.0 project. The goal of these projects was to create an Affordable,

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