The human brain retains 60% more information through visual feedback

Visual presentations are extremely persuasive to juries as technical opinions are illustrated instead of explained verbally. In our line of sight animations, we include different viewpoints and angles to accurately depict the determinants and the visual constraints that lead to an accident or occurrence. This can include weather conditions, environmental or structural obstructions and blind-spot scenarios.

Environmental Obstructions

Visually ambiguous elements such as foliage can be difficult to describe which can lead to doubt and uncertainty if these forms of vision constraints are not communicated efficiently. At Ripple CG, we create all relevant landscape based on laser scan data so you can be confident there is no disconnect between your description and your audience’s imagination.

  • Accurate landscape representation to demonstrate level of visibility.
  • Focus on detail, quality, and accuracy.

Multiple-Scenario Analysis

One can easily “experiment’ with variables and assumptions. Being able to see how something may have happened often prompts other questions and possible scenarios. Ripple CG can highlight the strengths and weaknesses in an argument and provide clues as to where one should be focusing their attention.

  • Brief insight into the opposition’s mind.
  • Opportunity to notice flaws in one’s own argument.

Weather Conditions

Being able to recreate weather conditions such as rain, snow and fog is another advantage of forensic animations which enhances the visual impact of the argument by realistically demonstrating the exact level of visibility and control involved.

  • Recreate weather conditions such as rain, snow and fog.
  • Highlight potential recklessness, points of contact and injuries.

Blind-Spot Scenario

Visual obstructions can come in many forms, sometimes the vehicle itself can be the culprit. With vehicles and accident scenes built to match reality, the visibility from inside of a vehicle can easily be reconstructed and analyzed along a time-distance diagram. Visibility of any particular subject can also be denoted graphically from any perspective or point of view.

  • Accurate, detailed blind-spot representations.
  • Highlights potential recklessness, points of contact, and injuries.

Structural Barriers

Our 3D animations communicate the lack of visibility due to structural barriers leading to accidents and injuries. Developing visuals to communicate the effects of structural barriers strengthens arguments  and allows for an accurate representation of the determinants within an accident.

  • Realistic representation of any point of view.
  • Graphical notions of visibility from any perspective.

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