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Allowing for a more detailed analysis of the facts, accident reconstruction uses forensic science and physical evidence to recreate the events surrounding a collision or accident. Our team of forensic experts can supplement detailed, realistic reconstructions with physically accurate simulations. Our specialties include vehicle dynamics, conceptual analysis and mechanics breakdown while employing a variety of technical tools such as laser scanning, photogrammetry, and time distance analysis to ensure unparalleled realism and accuracy.

Pedestrian Accidents

Many factors are often involved in pedestrian accidents, such as driver negligence, the speed of the striking vehicle, and environmental obstructions. Our realistic 3D reconstructions allow us to determine and then effectively communicate what had transpired.

  • Detailed and accurate 3D recreations using photogrammetric and laser scanning.
  • Efficient in court cases to communicate driver recklessness, point of contact and injuries.

Mechanics Breakdown

Animations are absolutely paramount in construction, oil and gas drilling, refinery operations and/or manufacturing litigation. An accompanying visual exhibit alongside oral presentation of a complex set of events detailing your causation theory is far more accessible and retainable to jurors.

  • We develop high-quality animations for low-speed and high speed accidents.
  • We include evidence, witness testimonies, photogrammetry and laser scanning.

Vehicle Collisions

In the aftermath of an accident, questions arise as to what precipitated the event and where the responsibility lies. This uncertainty can create confusion causing different opinions of the determinants. At Ripple CG, we develop high-quality animations that analyze the causes and effects of an accident using forensic evidence.

  • We develop high-quality animations for low-speed and high-speed accidents.
  • Our animations incorporate forensic evidence, witness testimonies and laser scanning to enhance accuracy.

Bicycle Injuries

Bicycle accidents are often the result of negligent driving and in most cases, cars, buses or truck drivers fail to see cyclists on the side of the road or at an intersection. Our forensic animators have extensive experience providing realistic 3D animations for court cases. We use forensic evidence and work with lawyers to accurately represent the events leading to an accident.

  • We use computer animations to explain to jurors the evidence of the accident.
  • We work with lawyers and eye-witnesses to accurately portray and event.

Weather Impacts

Advanced technology allows us to generate real time three dimensional animations while taking into consideration the scene and environment that could have impacted the visibility of a driver. We are able to re-create weather scenarios such as rain, snow and fog to create a powerful animation and an accurate scene.

  • Re-create weather conditions such as rain, snow and fog.
  • Analyze effect of weather conditions on collision impact.

Witness Views

To clearly communicate the details of an accident, Ripple CG incorporates various views and perspectives to allow jurors to get a better representation of an accident. The power to take witness testimony, convert it into a visual format and verify its integrity by observing its time-distance relationship from other viewpoints is absolutely essential.

  • Strengthens your position by creating animations from witness testimonies.
  • Ability to verify the integrity of any witness testimony.

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