Before & After Simulations

What better way to communicate your design intent, than to show a realistic before and after visual of your project.

Industry Needs:

  • EIR and Jurisdictional Submittals.
  • Community Outreach
  • Investor Relations
  • Design Communication
  • Marketing
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Drone Simulations

Reaching new heights, Ripple CG offers drone simulations to clients looking to develop assets that would encompass all details of a project from a higher perspective.  Capture a wide variety of angles and views while ensuring every detail is recorded and proposed conditions are accurately locked in.

  • Our high quality assets can now incorporate views from any angle or position.
  • The drone simulations allow us to achieve consistency while facilitating the process, allowing us to deliver results faster.

Video / Animation Simulations

To effectively visualize before and after conditions in a project, we also offer video compositing assets which better captures project results through video. We create video composites by using various 3D camera views of the project and then modeling and superimposing that model into a 3D environment.

  • Goal of video composite is to enhance visualization communication through the use of before and after views in a video.

Aesthetic Analysis

An aesthetic analysis allows for a look at what the project will look like in the future by incorporating highly published, high-end renderings. These assets are valuable when discussing forecasted project plans in the approval process of a project

  • Develop high end renderings for before and after simulations
  • This will allow for better visual communication of the project before it has been approved.

Conceptual Analysis

Ripple CG offers conceptual analysis assets which will help facilitate the understanding of the concepts of a project. Unlike the aesthetic analysis assets that we offer, this goal of this visualization medium is to communicate the work necessary or implemented that has led to the final deliverable.

  • This includes mapping studies and a conceptual visual approach of a project
  • Showcases a look into the final outcome using conceptual visualization tools.

Traffic Analysis

Traffic analysis assets allow for traffic account information to be validated using visual communication. Representing the traffic through visual communication can be an efficient way to show the community and jurisdiction the details of traffic count in a location.

  • Analyzes traffic data and communicate data through visual assets
  • Helpful to describe traffic information to a community and jurisdiction regarding problematic occurrences.

Sun Studies

Our sun studies show the effect of the sun on a project throughout the year allowing projects to be oriented and built differently according to sun placement. Our goal is to help a project understand the effect of the sun on a site so to mitigate any construction or design problems.

  • Our sun studies shows the effect of the sun on the development of a project mitigating future project problems.
  • We produce documented studies that can be incorporated in design packages.

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