Site Perimeter Exploration

Through our site perimeter studies, viewers can now visually understand the design intent of a project and developers can communicate the true impacts the project will make on the community. Most 3D Perimeter studies are provided within the conceptual phases of the project and used for community outreach and project awareness.

  • Study that showcases the perimeter of the project in the conceptual stage.
  • Focuses on the experience that would occur driving around the perimeter of the project.

3D Animated Virtual Tours

Our animated residential “Virtual Tours” give potential buyers the ability to view a model home before it has been built. We often produce the animated tours towards the end of the design development phase, giving the builder the gift of time by speeding up the sales cycle through pre-sales. Customers can now explore a new model home from the comfort of their living rooms.

Retail Leasing

In addition to working with the residential market, Ripple CG works with various clients requiring visual assets for the retail market. We can create 3D renderings, simulations and animations for projects in the conceptual phase or the approval phase. We also work with designers to provide visuals with the goal to minimize errors in the development phase of the project.

  • Ripple creates retail visuals to reduce uncertainty and minimize error in the development phase.
  • We have produced 3D renderings, simulations and animations for a variety of clients in the retail market

Design Communication

At Ripple CG, we believe that good design communication is imperative in project management. As we develop renderings, animations or simulations for the architectural market, we make sure to communicate clearly the design intentions of the project. In addition to advocating design communication in our projects, we help smoothen design communication on your end to ensure that your project succeeds.

  • We produce high-end visual assets which will enhance project communication design goals.

Conceptual Animations

To clearly communicate the end deliverable to stakeholders, we develop conceptual animations for the architectural market. These assets are valuable as they allow designers to see potential mistakes before the project is developed. Conceptual animations also allow project managers to communicate their project intentions which increase the ease of gaining approval.

  • Conceptual animations allow designers to see potential mistakes before the project is developed
  • These assets also allow project manager to efficiently communicate plans to stakeholders

Office Leasing

Ripple CG develops a wide variety of visual components for office leasing including animations, 3D renderings, before and after simulations and interactive tools. Our goal is to facilitate sales and marketing by developing high quality visuals that will enhance design communication and reduce uncertainty.

  • Visual components for office leasing can facilitate sales and marketing strategies.
  • Goal is to highlight design components and reduce uncertainty.

Interactive 3D

These interactive, 3D panoramas are like stepping into a photograph and a perfect design communication tool on many levels. they are small and can be embedded in to presentations, emailed or posted on a website. these panoramas hold more information than an animation in that you can look 360 degrees in every direction. This is also the foundation for our virtual reality tools we will be launching soon.

  • Email or embed interactive 3D media into a presentation showing the potential of a retail space.
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