A retail center owner is looking to attract a certain type of tenant and has proposed a location within the center. This location is perfect but the architecture is old and outdated. In order to commission this project the building owner needs a buy-off on the design concept, aesthetics, location and economics. This consensus needs to come from all the stakeholders involved. Rather than spending valuable time and money hiring an architectural designer to flush out a concept, the building owner comes up with a series of photos creating a precedent that represents the design intent for the new space and commissions an architectural communications company to develop several realistic, before and after renderings of the storefront.

Having heard of Ripple CG’s new 3D panoramic simulation products, the developer quickly hires them to visualize the design possibilities at this location. Ripple CG begins by visiting the vacant space within the retail center to take all appropriate pictures for the simulation. Unfortunately, the space is very narrow and the existing photos have to be taken in a series of stitched panels for a wider and more aesthetically pleasing angle. With these pictures, Ripple CG superimposes panels together to form a wider angle of the view. Ripple’s final deliverable includes a before and after shot of the storefront against a professional wide angle shot.

This “multiple panel” approach is complicated and only a few professionals know how to accurately produce this product. It requires Ripple CG to match the camera position and location of each photo, incorporate them into the proposed 3D design, and stich them together in the same manner as the existing photos. Once rendered, the quality and design intent of the simulations need to represent and attract a targeted tenant. Operations Director, Joe King says “Once completed, it is not hard to incorporate targeted banding and signage into renderings which make is a great tool for pitches to specific tenants. We have always received positive feedback from this product and continue to get busier as word of mouth gets out.”

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