Project Description

The ability to reconstruct an accident from many vantage points is always key to understanding the perceptions of those involved and those who witnessed the event. In this case a couple walking in a crosswalk gets struck on a green light, we show it here in slow motion to better understand the event.  When submitting to court it is often shown both in real time and in slow motion. We develop forensic animations to enhance communication in court cases. For this crosswalk accident reconstruction, we used a wide variety of visualization tools including a plan view of the intersection, a perspective view, a witness view and a camera view. By using different angles, it changes viewer perceptions of the event.

It is a well-known fact that people identify and retain more information though visual stimuli over spoken or written words.  Watch the animation, in seconds, you will know who, what, when, where and how it happened, leading to a lasting visual impression where details are easier to recall. In a courtroom situation, this is a great tool and can help any argument.

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