Project Description

3D renderings and creative design services aid in tenant prospecting.

Within a standard timeline of three to five working days, Ripple CG developed a 3D illustration for a well-known developer.  The purpose of this rendering was to engage and convince a targeted tenant “Kay Jewelers” that this Retail Center is worth investing in and full of life.  The task involved developing one exterior 3D rendering from a ground level pedestrian vantage point. Ripple CG suggested a dusk scene to bring out the lifestyle of an evening shopping experience.

The most noteworthy aspect of this project was getting tasked to develop  a convincing retail design. In addition to the 3D composition, the client needed help designing a series of branded tenant storefronts. With only the exterior vanilla shell of the Center executed, it was necessary to create and model all tenant spaces including signage and interior displays.  Also relevant to the success of the rendering was the juxtaposition of retail with shops like GAP and ANGL. The details, composition, and creative design, all  help deliver a memorable visual experience while setting the mood for the environment.


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